Meet Elodie

Food is the only thing that matters to Elodie, she loves it more than anything else. She is Rocket's sister, and he loves her and her experiments very much. Find out more in her sketch below.

ELODIE - Super Foodie

Rocket’s younger sister is your typical aloof Rumpling. Obsessed with Foodology and Alchemy, she spends all her time reading alchemy textbooks, and experimenting with food at home. Even though at times Rocket worries about her “living in a different world”, he’s very happy to eat the results of her experiments (most of the time, at least).

It is unlikely that Elodie would take a seat immediately. She would probably be curious about her surroundings, especially if she were about to sit at a Rumpling Food Shop. She would start by checking out any displays of food, any books on shelves, and ask one hundred different questions before choosing what to eat. After sitting and having her food brought to her, she would start her dissection. Step by step she would dismantle the food, trying to understand how it comes together, and then step by step, she reassembles it, before eating it, of course. Perhaps, her re-assembly would even make it taste better than it did before.

Age of Dawn
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