Meet the characters

Rumplings share a love of food and live in the town of Káer. They are furry faced and wear mismatched hand-me-downs for clothes, which makes them look quirky. Rumplings value craftsmanship, humbleness and perseverance above all else. However, not all Rumplings are the same, which makes Káer a very interesting place, with Rocket, Karina and Ruffalo being faced with many different challenges and adventures.



- food miner

Rocket is the hero of the story. His ambitions are simple; he wishes that his fellow Rumplings would appreciate the good fortunes they’ve been blessed with, and that they live with according consideration. His passion for the Rumpling way of life transpires in every fibre of his being. Also, he loves his sister very much, and having lost his parents, he feels responsible for her. There is nothing he won’t do to keep her safe.


- super foodie

Rocket’s younger sister is your typical aloof Rumpling. Obsessed with Foodology and Alchemy, she spends all her time reading alchemy textbooks, and experimenting with food at home. Even though at times Rocket worries about her “living in a different world”, he’s very happy to eat the results of her experiments (most of the time, at least).




Karina is the head alchemist of Káer. A slightly shy Rumpling, Karina doesn’t always say what she feels, but she always stays close to those she truly cares about. Like Rocket, she is also a follower of the House of Food and Flavour, and does what she can to live by their values of humbleness, perseverance and craftsmanship.



As the Head Shaman of the House of Food and Flavour, Ruffalo lives with a higher purpose; to guide his fellow Rumplings to a place of true appreciation for life. He is a true believer in the ways of his ancestors, and wishes nothing but happiness to all his fellow Rumplings. He is fortunate to be blessed with the gift to interpret the thunder, but his followers don’t always take him seriously. They fear the tidings the thunder might bring, and prefer denial to reality.



Formerly a Food Raider, Snifer is now obsessed with the Stratoses, thinking they are the answer to a higher form of life. He literally thinks the Rumplings should live higher and higher up in their world. His ambition is to eat all he can without ever having to work for it. Weak figured, he never goes anywhere without his “Taskers”- these strong Rumplings from the Builder Groups.



Possibly my favourite of Rumplings, Jodie is an inquisitive little Rumpling. She’s the typical outsider - confused about the world, but at the same time, sure that there is more to it than she’s been told. She would often be seen wondering around the playground, her mind in the clouds, thinking about all the big questions Rumplings would think about: like, where does flavour come from? And why does food appear three out of of every four days?




As the High Priest of the Church of Food, Bogard is responsible for maintaining the traditions and practices of his church. Always seen wearing the finest of fine Rumpling clothes, Bogard is never by himself, always accompanied by the rest of his clergy.


alloro - shaman

Alloro was Ruffalo's mentor and the Shaman of the House of Food and Flavour. He taught Ruffalo everything he knows, and Ruffalo does everything he can to live up to Alloro's expectation.


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