Meet Jodie

Sometimes it is the person you least expect that will surprise you the most. Jodie spends all her time thinking about everything, and turns out to become a key character in Age of Dawn. Listen to the 1 minute podcast, and sign up to back the kickstarter later this year.

JODIE - The Outsider

Possibly my favourite of Rumplings, Jodie is an inquisitive little Rumpling. She’s the typical outsider - confused about the world, but at the same time, sure that there is more to it than she’s been told. She would often be seen wondering around the playground, her mind in the clouds, thinking about all the big questions Rumplings would think about: like, where does flavour come from? And why does food appear three out of of every four days?

Jodie would walk up to a chair and bump into it, distracted by whatever she would be reading. Bump by bump she’d feel her way around a chair, and would eventually sit on it. Once seated she would continue to read. Holding the book in one hand, and her food in the other, she would drop many crumbs on the table and on herself. It was all the same to her, as long as she were left to her own devices, and allowed to keep reading. On occasion she would prefer the hammock to the chair, allowing her to set her mind free, lost in thought, rather than reading.

Age of Dawn
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