Meet Karina

All great food is created by someone truly passionate. Karina is the head alchemist of Kaer and her job is to find out what makes flavour come to life. If you'd like to see her in this illustrated short story, please help us makE it a reality by signing up to support the kickstarter later this year.

KARINA - Head Alchemist

Karina is the head alchemist of Káer. A slightly shy Rumpling,  Karina doesn’t always say what she feels, but she always stays close to those she truly cares about. Like Rocket, she is also a follower of the House of Food and Flavour, and does what she can to live by their values of humbleness, perseverance and craftsmanship.

The more careful of the bunch we meet in Age of Dawn, she is also an extremely caring Rumpling - perhaps even to her detriment. Entering a room she would start off as the quiet one, but as soon as she found her footing she would surprise those present with a glowing personality. Her stories often convey a caring nature, and her mannerism at a table shows the same level of care. After being done, she would sort of tidy the table, as not to cause any inconvenience to anyone.

Age of Dawn
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