Meet Ruffalo

When times get tough, every Rumpling needs a bit of help. Ruffalo is always looking to help his fellow rumplings, providing the best spiritual guidance he can. Listen to the one minute sketch, and if you like it SIGN UP TO SUPPORT THE KICKSTARTER LATER THIS YEAR.

RUFFALO - Head Shaman

As the Head Shaman of the House of Food and Flavour, Ruffalo lives with a higher purpose; to guide his fellow Rumplings to a place of true appreciation for life. He is a true believer in the ways of his ancestors, and wishes nothing but happiness to all his fellow Rumplings. He is fortunate to be blessed with the gift to interpret the thunder, but his followers don’t always take him seriously. They fear the tidings the thunder might bring, and prefer denial to reality.

Ruffalo, being the introspective and reflective shaman he is, would approach a chair with a certain regal-ness, yet remain humble in front of whatever food he were given. He would be eternally thankful to his hosts, and would express this before taking a seat and after eating his meal. With each bite, he would thank the makers for the bounty he’s blessed with, and bit by bit, he would enjoy letting the flavour sink into his palette.

Age of Dawn
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