The Rumplings™ & Podcast Series



One Year Later

That's right, it has been over a year since we successfully funded our first Kickstarter campaign thanks to the support of each and every one of our backers!

It has been an amazing year for the Rumplings. We've been around the UK to do readings at schools and bookshops, we did our first ever TV interview which was broadcast around the world, we got an agent, and... we're now a registered trademark.


The Rumplings™

This last point might seem like the least exciting moment of the year, but it is actually a really important achievement. It represents everything we hope to achieve with the Rumplings in the near future - we want the Rumplings to exist in formats beyond books, like podcasts, animated videos and one day, hopefully, film.

We were only able to get to a point where we could register the trademark because of the support from our Kickstarter backers, and the support of those who've been buying the book throughout this past year. Thank you!

Rumplings Bedtime Stories

The next chapter in the world of the Rumplings is a series of short stories that will be made available for free in Podcast form. They will be 10 to 20-minutes long and, each episode tells a tale about one of your favourite characters from the first book. They will be exciting, suspenseful and very entertaining. They will also reveal more details about the world of the Rumplings. Stay tuned for more news!

Looking for a Christmas gift?

Looking for something fun to give a young-one this Christmas? Maybe didn't get a chance to buy a copy of Age of Dawn last year? Don't you worry, you can still buy copies for this Christmas on Amazon.

May your feasts be plenty and bountiful!