Illustrated Kid's Short Story

The Rumplings - Age of Dawn

Age of Dawn Audiobook

We recorded the short story Age of Dawn as an audio book, complete with theme song and sound effects, so that you can get to know the story before deciding whether you'd like to see it published as an illustrated book.

An easy life is not always a good life.

In a world where food is religion, a group of furry little creatures called Rumplings struggle to maintain the values of their creed when faced with a greedy and domineering religious organisation.

Rocket, a humble and devout Rumpling, despairs when Snifer and the church of food lure Rumplings away from their work with offers of unlimited food and free housing. Rocket has a bad feeling about this. How can he get the other Rumplings to see sense? Is it already too late for them?

Enjoy the illustrations

Dive into the colourful world of the Rumplings with a few illustrations we've created to bring this world to life.


Age of Dawn
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