Meet Snifer

Snifer thinks he knows the answer to everything. He believes he can provide everyone with an easy life. But that isn't always the best option. Listen to the one minute sketch or read the description below. If you'd like to see the full story come to life as an illustration please SIGN UP TO SUPPORT THE KICKSTARTER LATER THIS YEAR.


SNIFER - Food Raider

Formerly a Food Raider, Snifer is now obsessed with the Stratoses, thinking they are the answer to a higher form of life.  He literally thinks the Rumplings should live higher and higher up in their world.  His ambition is to eat all he can without ever having to work for it.  Weak figured,  he never goes anywhere without his “Taskers”-  these strong Rumplings from the Builder Groups.

Mostly the aggressive Rumpling, he would probably ignore anyone around him. In one swift yet aggressive move he would pull the chair toward himself and sit in an almost slack manner. He would be disruptive to get the attention of any patrons. And would be hasty with his meal. Perhaps leaving an unfinished plate, and most certainly leaving a mess at the table.

Age of Dawn
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