Meet Bogard

The leader of the church of food, bogard supports Snifer in his efforts To take over their world. Check out the 1 minute sketch about him, and sign up to support the kickstarter later this year.

BOGARD - High Priest

As the High Priest of the Church of Food, Bogard is responsible for maintaining the traditions and practices of his church. Always seen wearing the finest of fine Rumpling clothes, Bogard is never by himself, always accompanied by the rest of his clergy.

A coward at heart, he would perhaps sit at the table in a hunched position. With an air of uncertainty he would be fidgety and impatient whilst he waited for his food. Most of the time he would look over his shoulder to see if anyone approached. This constant state of anxiety left him without much appetite, which would explain his very sleek figure.

Age of Dawn
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