Meet Alloro

We should often listen to our elders and ruffalo always listened to his mentor, Alloro. Listen to the podcast and sign-up to back the kickstarter later this year. 

ALLORO - Master Shaman

Alloro was Ruffalo’s mentor, before passing away of old Age, and was his predecessor as the Head Shaman of the House of Food and Flavour. Being born in the midst of the Age of Famine and having felt the hardships endured by all Rumplings, shaped him to become the catalytic leader that he was.

Alloro had a very grand personality, which we would have seen, had we met him in Age of Dawn. As Ruffalo’s mentor he often projected a very confident air around himself; his communication was clear and his tone would entangle those who’d listen. In approaching a table he would perhaps make himself a lot of space, drawing the chair to himself in such a way that it would allow him more room at the table than others. The obfuscating nature of his personality could at times keep them at a distance. The same, fortunately, was not true of Ruffalo.

Age of Dawn
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