The Rumpling Rocket

Meet rocket, the hero of this story, in his one minute sketch where you get to know him a bit better. And if you like him and would like to see his story as a fully illustrated short story book, sign up to support the kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign.

ROCKET - Food Miner

Rocket is the hero of the story. His ambitions are simple; he wishes that his fellow Rumplings would appreciate the good fortunes they’ve been blessed with, and that they live with according consideration. His passion for the Rumpling way of life transpires in every fibre of his being. Also, he loves his sister very much, and having lost his parents, he feels responsible for her. There is nothing he won’t do to keep her safe. 

Rocket is a straight up Rumpling. If he were to walk into a room looking for a place to sit, he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. If there were someone for him to greet, he’d make sure to do this first, before sitting down. If not, he’d take his time and would walk over to his seat at his own leisure. His demeanour is quite calm, and collected. If he were in a Food Shop to eat, he would take his time with his meal, enjoying every last bit of it.

Age of Dawn
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